GENERAL: Our company provides comprehensive general secretarial audit applicabilty services, including company formation, board meeting management, statutory compliance, shareholder communication, corporate governance, documentation, and regulatory filings. With our expertise and attention to detail, we assist businesses in managing their administrative and compliance requirements, ensuring smooth operations and adherence to legal obligations. Partner with Legalari to streamline your secretarial processes and focus on your core business activities.
  • Creation of XBRL Instant document as per applicable taxonomy and filing of prescribed-forms on MCA.
  • Maintenance of statutory register.
  • Search and status reports and online inspection on MCA and physical inspection with ROC.
CHARGES: Our company provides comprehensive secretarial audit applicability services related to charges, ensuring businesses’ compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We assist clients in all stages of charge management, including creation, registration, modification or satisfaction, and ongoing compliance monitoring. Our experienced team handles the preparation, filing, and documentation requirements, ensuring timely compliance with legal obligations. With our expertise, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of charge-related compliance, mitigate risks, and maintain proper record-keeping. Partner with Legalari to streamline your secretarial obligations and focus on your core activities, knowing that your charge-related compliance is in capable hands.
  • Registration of Charge.
  • Satisfaction of charge.
  • Petitions for condonation of delay in registration / modification of Charge.
COMPLIANCES RELATING TO DIRECTORS: Our company provides comprehensive secretarial audit applicability services that focus on ensuring compliance with regulations related to directors. We assist businesses in fulfilling their legal obligations, such as the appointment and resignation of directors, maintenance of statutory registers and records, preparation and filing of required documents with regulatory authorities, and compliance with corporate governance guidelines. Our experienced team ensures that all director-related compliances are met, including conducting board meetings, preparing board minutes, and handling matters related to directors’ remuneration and disclosures. We stay updated with the latest regulatory changes and best practices, providing expert guidance to our clients to ensure adherence to applicable laws and regulations. Trust us to handle your director-related compliances efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on your core business while maintaining good corporate governance practices.
  • Appointment.
  • Resignation related compliances.
COMPLIANCE RELATED TO MEETINGS: Our company provides comprehensive secretarial audit applicability services related to compliance with meetings for businesses. We assist organizations in ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements by offering expert guidance and support in conducting and documenting various types of meetings, including board meetings, general meetings, and committee meetings. Our services encompass the preparation of meeting agendas, drafting minutes of meetings, maintaining statutory registers, filing necessary forms and resolutions, and ensuring compliance with corporate governance norms. With our meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of corporate laws, we help businesses maintain transparency, uphold compliance standards, and meet their statutory obligations related to meetings.
  • Drafting of Agenda and Notice of AGM and Extra Ordinary General.
  • Drafting of Directors Report and Annual Report..
  • Minutes Maintenance.
COMPLIANCE UNDER LISTING AGREEMENT: We assist businesses in fulfilling their obligations related to the listing agreement, including regulatory filings, document preparation, and adherence to disclosure norms. Our experienced team ensures that all necessary forms, reports, and resolutions are accurately prepared and filed within the specified timelines. We provide expert guidance on corporate governance practices, board meetings, and shareholder communication to ensure transparency and compliance with the listing agreement provisions. Trust us to handle your secretarial audit applicability services related to compliance under the listing agreement, allowing you to focus on your core business while meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining good corporate governance standards.
  • Compliances under clause 41 of the listing agreement e.g. calling and holding of the Board Meeting, Preparation, Filing and Publication of quarterly results and Limited Review Report of auditor with the Stock Exchanges.
  • Compliance under clause 49 of the Listing Agreement e.g. Preparation and Submission of Quarterly Corporate Governance Report.
  • Preparation of Minutes of the Board meeting, General Meeting, Audit Committee, Share Transfer and Grievances Committee.

secretarial audit applicabilty



Our experienced team conducts thorough audits to assess and evaluate the compliance of the company’s secretarial audit applicability practices with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. We review corporate documents, board resolutions, minutes, and other records to identify any gaps or discrepancies. Our secretarial audit applicability services also include ensuring timely filing of necessary forms, maintaining statutory registers, and advising on corporate governance best practices. With our expertise in secretarial audit applicability, we assist businesses in maintaining transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

  • Share Transfer Audit under Clause 47(C) of Listing Agreement.
  • Capital Reconciliation Audit under Regulation 55A of SEBI (Depository and Participant) Regulation.
  • Secretarial Audit, Due-Diligence
MERGER AND AMALGAMATION: Our experienced team offers expert guidance and support in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, documentation preparation, filing, and liaison with regulatory authorities. We ensure that all necessary statutory approvals and clearances are obtained, and the merger or amalgamation process is carried out smoothly. Our secretarial audit applicability services cover aspects such as drafting of merger agreements, shareholders’ agreements, board resolutions, notices, and other necessary documents. We also assist in convening and conducting general meetings, preparing disclosure documents, and ensuring compliance with reporting obligations. Trust us to handle your secretarial needs related to mergers and amalgamations efficiently and effectively, allowing you to navigate through the complexities of the process with confidence.
  • Drafting of Scheme of Amalgamation.
  • Drafting of First and Second Motion Applications.
  • Drafting of OL and RD Reply.

License-related services

  • Application to Regional Director requesting to issue license u/s 8
  • Petition for Shifting registered office from one state to other state.
  • Application u/s 185 for related party transaction.
  • Application u/s 186 for loan to director.

secretarial audit applicability report

The applicability of secretarial audit can provide several benefits for companies. Here are some key advantages:


  1. Compliance Assurance: Secretarial audit ensures that a company adheres to all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, preventing any legal or regulatory non-compliance issues that could lead to penalties, fines, or legal actions.
  2. Enhanced Corporate Governance: By conducting secretarial audit, companies demonstrate their commitment to maintaining transparent and effective corporate governance practices. This can help build investor confidence and improve the company’s reputation in the market.
  3. Risk Mitigation: Identifying and rectifying compliance gaps through secretarial audit helps mitigate potential risks associated with legal and regulatory non-compliance. This proactive approach can prevent future legal disputes and financial losses.
  4. Stakeholder Trust: Companies that undergo secretarial audit portray a sense of accountability to stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, and regulatory bodies. This can foster trust and positive relationships with these entities.
  5. Transparency: Secretarial audit promotes transparency within the organization by ensuring that all transactions and activities are carried out in accordance with the law. This can reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activities and mismanagement.
  6. Avoiding Penalties and Legal Actions: Non-compliance with company laws and regulations can lead to significant penalties, fines, and legal actions. Secretarial audit helps identify and rectify such issues before they escalate.
  7. Legal and Regulatory Updates: Secretarial audit involves staying updated with the latest legal and regulatory changes. This awareness allows companies to adapt their practices accordingly and stay ahead of compliance requirements.
  8. Effective Board Management: Companies that undergo secretarial audit often have well-organized board meetings, proper documentation, and effective decision-making processes. This contributes to efficient management of the company’s affairs.
  9. Investor Confidence: For publicly traded companies, secretarial audit can boost investor confidence by assuring them that the company’s operations are conducted in a lawful and transparent manner.
  10. Statutory Reporting: Secretarial audit can assist in accurate and timely preparation of various statutory reports required by regulatory authorities, ensuring that the company meets its reporting obligations.

conclusion– the applicability of secretarial audit brings about a range of benefits for companies, including enhanced compliance, improved corporate governance, risk mitigation, stakeholder trust, transparency, and avoidance of penalties. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that companies operate in accordance with legal and regulatory frameworks, fostering long-term sustainability and growth.